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ASAE Ken Graves & Communications Awards

Nominations for the Ken Graves award and submissions for the communications awards are due by May 15, 2018. 

Ken Graves Award: The award will be given to an Association Executive who has exemplified an exceptional level of professionalism in Association Management and in his/her community in which they live and work.


1. The recipient would be an Association Executive in good standing of ASAE either as a regular member or a retiree.
2. The recipient should have been involved in the association management field for five (5) years or more.
3. The recipient should exemplify a high level of professionalism and integrity in association management.
4. The recipient should have worked toward the betterment of ASAE and furthered the quality of the association management field.
5. The recipient should be a respected member of their community.
6. For a list of previously honored recipients, see the 'AWARDS' tab on the website or page 4 of the ASAE Membership Directory.

Excellence in Communications Awards: These awards recognize the outstanding communications and public relations produced by Arkansas associations. The awards have been divided into two categories relating to association resources:

Category 1: For associations with budgets under $500,000
Category 2: For associations with budgets over $500,000.

Each category has two types of entries:

1. Single Communications Piece (brochure, newsletter, ad, annual report, membership materials, website, social media).
2. Overall Campaign (any program or event that used more than one medium by which to promote it).

Forms for both awards can be found online at