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Infastructure Hardware

Hi All! I'm ready to put the now forum to work! We are looking at a couple of different solutions on replacing our servers, and I would like to know what other associations are doing. We currently have 3 servers, one of those being our small business server which runs Microsoft exchange and sharepoint. We are moving to an SAS cloud solution for our database (Protech/Microsoft Dynamics CRM) this year, probably around October. It is currently on premise and so is our Great Plains software. GP will stay on premise. 1. Do you have your servers on premise, are you totally cloud based, or are you a combination? 2. If you are on premise, do you buy your servers or lease them? And do you have exchange on premise or are you using office 365 business premium? 3. If you are cloud, what provider are you using? Knowing what you know now, would you recommend going to the cloud or staying on premise? 4. If we stay on premise, we are looking at switching to Office 365 Business (not Premium), who is using that now? Any drawbacks that you have found?

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