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Mobile Apps

Does anyone have a great mobile app that they use for their meetings/conventions or just association stuff overall?

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  1. Michelle Briggs

    Jul. 10, 2017

    We have used an app for our conference the past few years. We need something that attendees can download that will have the schedule for each day, information on presenters, exhibitors, etc. and allow them to select a schedule of breakouts to attend. We used GuideBook the first year and were happy with it, but the price increased dramatically the following year. Last year we used WebMobi. The app was okay but we had no control over entering the information and had to send it to them. There were some language barriers that made it difficult to communicate and we had a hard time getting the correct information in place. This year we are going to try Yapp. The demo looked good and the price is reasonable for a small non-profit. Has anyone tried it?

    1. Jessica Dunham

      Jul. 10, 2017

      Another one you might look into is Sched ( My coworker used it at a recent STEM educational conference and really liked it. I played with it a bit and the functionality seems good, although I didn't test it out with exhibitors (only breakout sessions) so I can't speak to that. Pricing seems okay, too.

  2. Jessica Dunham

    Jun. 28, 2017

    What specifically do you want the app to do? EAST uses a lot of different tools for our events. We especially like Google Drive (file storage in the cloud & real time updates) and all of the different Google apps, such as Google Keep (note-taking). Google Drive also has an office suite that is comparable to Microsoft but its much more collaborative. Honestly, we use Google Drive for the majority of what we do at EAST.

  3. Derek Rudkin

    Jun. 28, 2017

    Vicky, we developed an app that took the place of our membership directory and is now updated in real time instead of once per year.