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Desktop Publishing Software

Does anyone use InDesign to publish their association magazine? If so do you have a contact who helps trains staff in this software?

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  1. Jessica Dunham

    Aug. 2, 2017

    My organization provides professional development & training through a program we call Education Unleashed. Currently, our only clients are teachers, but the team tells me that we can easily tweak our materials to fit non-educators. Here is a link for more information:

  2. Karen Gehre

    Aug. 2, 2017

    Karen, I use it to produce our magazine and the majority of our printed material. I would be willing to help any way I can.

  3. Rebecca Neely

    Aug. 2, 2017

    I use InDesign to design the Forestry Association's newsletter and have used it for the past eight years or so, designing yearbook pages for high school and college. I have never taught a class on it, but would be willing to help where I can.

  4. Derek Rudkin

    Aug. 2, 2017

    Karen, you can call Donna Spakes who use to do the Arkansas Bankers Association magazine and does my newsletter currently. Her email address is [email protected]