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Looking for Graphic Designers

Our association is required to bid out to contract workers every few years and I need to find some graphic designers to be able to present to our CEO, in addition to the designer we have now. Anyone have any leads on good graphic designers?

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  1. Luke Story

    Sep. 11, 2018

    Anyone that uses help for a newsletter what are you "ballpark" paying for that help?

    1. Derek Rudkin

      Sep. 11, 2018

      That price is per newsletter

    2. Luke Story

      Sep. 11, 2018

      Derek - is that 600 a month or a quarter or a year?

    3. Derek Rudkin

      Sep. 11, 2018

      I pay someone $600 to do a four color, 8 page newsletter. I send her the content and ads, she does all the rest. I get a proof to approve before she sends me a final PRINT and WEB version.

  2. Michael Bennett

    Nov. 14, 2017

    Graphic design is one of the services we are best know for! I would very much desire the opportunity to discuss with you.

  3. Shelley Short

    Nov. 9, 2017

    Below are a couple that we use at the State Chamber and Arkansas Economic Developers & Chamber Executives: Lori Lemley [email protected] Kari Beesley [email protected]

    1. Derek Rudkin

      Nov. 10, 2017

      I have a suggestion. Donna Spakes, her email address is [email protected] She designs my newsletter each month.