2020 Annual Convention

August 18, 2020
11:45 AM to 1:30 PM
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2020 ASAE Annual Convention

Tuesday, August 18

11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

This year has taught us the importance of community, collaboration and adaptability. And although we are not able to meet in person, it's "Game On!" for the virtual 2020 Annual Convention.


  • Associate Members - FREE (registration is required)

  • Executive Members - $20 

  • Executives with Prepaid Lunches - FREE (registration is required)

The first 100 members who register by August 7 will receive a meeting box with drinks, snacks and a variety of fun items. Executive members will receive a copy of Beth Z's book The BIGGER Book of Apps. The ASAE staff will deliver the boxes to local participants, so please be sure to include a current delivery address (if different from your place of business) when you register. 

After you register, you will receive a follow-up email from ASAE with the Zoom login information.

We will have a keynote presentation from Beth Ziesenis and conduct a business meeting to elect our officers and board.

LEADING WITH FOCUS: Collaboration and Productivity without a Billion Videoconferences  

Overnight the traditional workplace culture shifted when the pandemic forced our country's workforces into work-from-home models. Neverending videoconferences haven't helped you and your colleagues be more efficient...they're just wasting your time. 

Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, aka Beth Z, for proven techniques for focus and productivity, along with the tools to lead your team to be more efficient and effective. 

  • Learn ways to cut down on time-wasting meetings and increase productive hours. 

  • Discover five easy-to-implement, proven techniques for focus and time management. 

  • See collaboration tools that will help you lead your colleagues into more productivity in less time.

The BIGGER Book of Apps adds to Beth Z’s curated collection of tech tools to help today’s multitasking professionals. With almost 600 tools, this easy to read books is the best resource to keep on your desk to help you find the answer to today's biggest tech question: “Is there an app for that?”

We look forward to seeing you on August 18!


$20.00 Executive Member Registration

$20.00 Executive Guest Registration

$0.00 Associate Member Registration

$0.00 Associate Guest Registration